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Company Introduction

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Company Introduction
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Sanhe Great Wall Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd was established in 2012.

The company is located between Beijing and Tianjin, about 40 kilometers away from Beijing Airport. The geographical position is unique, the location is superior and the transportation is convenient.
Our main products are: PVC soft sheet, rubber sheet, rubber hose, PVC hose, polyurethane tube, rubber and plastic conveyor belt, non-slip floor mat, PE board and rod, silicone rubber sheet, sponge sealing strip, polyurethane hard board, sealing Circles and gaskets, car mats and more.
We are willing to provide better products and better services for every customer. We can also find and provide the products you need but not available in the market. You can also introduce your products into China and become this. Chinese sales agent for products. 
Sanhe Great Wall Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd sincerely hopes to become your partner, welcome friends from home and abroad to visit our company!
Sanhe Great Wall Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd have first-class management philosophy, high-quality staff, quality production partners, good quality and credibility, will give you an honest and trustworthy, value for money surprise! 
Sanhe Great Wall Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd is your reliable partner forever. Using our products will make you satisfaction!

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Tel :0086 -316-3157501 - Email: info@aotai-trading.com   Address:West of Sanhe City, Hebei Province, China 

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